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Sam Millard Artist

Sam Millard


Millard was born in the United Kingdom in 1985 and immigrated to Canada in 2008.


Her experiences of the UK and Canada are often reflected in her work; her artistic style began developing in her birth country and her current work based on the beauty of British Columbia shows her love for her adopted country.


She studied art at Long Road College in Cambridge, UK, and has obtained further knowledge through the school of life experience. At Long Road, she discovered magic of colour and shape in the work of Franz Marc. Cubism and futurism have been a big influence on her complex artistic style development.


While her work can be quite abstract, she always maintains a familiar form for the viewer to connect and identify with. She has proudly received awards for her works titled Kootenay Wildlife, Around the World and St. Mary’s Lake Serenity. You can find her work in galleries and private collections across BC & Alberta and in the UK.

Artist's Statement

Inspiration hits me on a daily basis so it’s difficult to narrow it down to any one direction. I am particularly drawn to geometric shapes and patterns, flow and energy, motion, connection, astrophysics, quantum physics (the parts I understand!), freedom, peace and tranquility, to name a few! I prefer to show it in connection with nature and the human form.


I believe art should express what sets the artists soul on fire!

I hope my art brings good energy and joy to anyone who views it. I feel fulfilled when the audience stays engaged with the painting and finds other things in the work that I hadn’t intended to include. I love how it’s open for interpretation and becomes a unique experience for each individual who views it.

It has been described as representing "the factual nature of our existence", my favourite summary to date.

Chris Pullen Photographer
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Support Crew

Millard wouldn't be doing a whole lot of art without her support crew; her Husband Chris, who digitizes all her work and her local art supply store, Cranbrook Photo.

Chris has been her biggest supporter, adviser and confident in all things art business related. He's also plays a vital role as a photographer himself. He is responsible for photographing Millard's original paintings and colour matching them to within 3% of the original colours. These files are then used to produce Limited Edition Giclee Prints so his knowledge of colour printing profiles is essential to meet Millard's high standards. Together they produce all her Limited Edition Archival Prints in her home studio.

On top of all that he is a crucial team mate at exhibitions, markets & shows.

As a supporter of buying local and/or Canadian, Millard is also thrilled to work with Cranbrook Photo, a local art supply shop, to procure top quality art supplies. She works closely with Rocky Mountain Printers to produce all her art cards and annual calendars.

She would like to extend a heart felt thanks to her Support Crew as they encourage her on her artistic journey.

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