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Hello world,

Meet the amazing and talented Emma Stevens, the creator of Untamed Fernie.

I am honoured to have collaborated with her to create a beautiful clothing line.

Here's her story.

When you want to look and feel great, you need unique outfits that allow you to fall in love with the woman you see in the mirror. We soon realized that women of all shapes and sizes have body insecurities and wearing custom clothing that flatter and fit allow women to feel empowered in their shopping decisions. With Untamed you have a wide range of inclusive sizes, so feeling confident is achievable for every woman.
No matter your body shape, self-image or style, Untamed offers exactly what you need to love yourself. It’s about looking good, feeling great and doing it in a positive way that always makes you smile.

Emma has selected 3 of my designs to use on the pieces, Drance of the Dragonflies, Whispers of Freedom and Aurora Bearealis. She has limited supplies of fabric with these designs on them so don't hesitate! Get them while you can!

Models wearing Untamned Hoodies
Untamed website shop
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